Hotfind L

Hotfind L Infrared Camera

Temperature range: -20 °C ~ +250 °C (optional: up to 1,500 °C)

Precise temperature measurement

A very high thermal sensitivity of only 80 mK and an extensive measuring range of up to +1,500 °C allow extremely precise measurements to be made. The four moveable measuring points offer a much higher degree of flexibility when carrying out checks. The fully radiometric infrared images can be subsequently evaluated on your PC.
High resolution sensor


The infrared cameras in the hotfind L Series are all equipped with a high-performance infrared sensor with a resolution of 384 x 288 pixels (the equivalent of 110,592 temperature measuring points). In addition, the L Series features an extremely high geometric resolution of 1.3mrad.


The cameras in the hotfind L Series are additionally equipped with a digital camera that can take real images as well as a photo lamp. DuoVision Technology does not only allow the exclusive depiction of either infrared or real images, but also the presentation of overlapping images containing information from both image sources that can be individually set to one of four overlapping stages, designed to give the user a better overview and facilitate a more accurate diagnosis.

Robust and ergonomic design

The hotfind L Series is IP 54 dust and splashproof rated and can be operated at temperatures between -20 °C and +50 °C. The cameras are shock-tested up to 25G and vibration-tested up to 2G. This means that the infrared cameras in the hotfind L Series can be used in almost all areas for virtually all industrial applications. The patented 2.5-inch pivoting LCD monitor can be aligned to suit just about any requirement.


The hotfind L Series has a maximum focusing distance of only 100 mm. This allows precise measurements to be carried out with a standard lens (e.g. circuit board diagnosis).

Interchangeable memory medium (mini SD card) and non-stop operation

The cameras are equipped with an interchangeable memory (mini SD card) for thousands and thousands of images. The energy saving mode also allows non-stop measurements to be carried out for as long as 2.5 hours.

Optional Accesories / Bluetooth

There is a broad spectrum of lenses available, e.g. a wide-angle lens and different telephoto lenses and software packages. The SDS analysis software provides professional solutions for analyses and documentation. In addition, SDS also provides Bluetooth connectivity for voice recording and reproduction.

Specs At-A-Glance
Detector Resolution 384 x 288
Spectral Range 8~14 µm
Sensitivity 80 mK at 30 °C
Visual Camera Yes
Pricing Indicator $$$$$