Testo 882 IR Infrared Camera Thermal Imager

Testo 882 Infrared Thermographic CameraTesto 882 IR Infrared Camera / Thermal Imager

The thermal imager testo 882 in ergonomic pistol design, with 320 x 240 pixels, stands out thanks to even more precise infrared images. With 76,800 temperature measuring points, it sees every detail on the measured object. This makes it even easier for you to detect anomalies and weaknesses from greater distances, and you work even more quickly.

Testo 882 IR Infrared Camara / Thermal Imager Features:

33 hz USB video out – Create infrared videos for clients and marketing purposes.
Infrared image sensor with 320 x 240 pixels – With 76,000 temperature measurement points, you detect measurement objects clearly and precisely. This ensures that no damage escapes you, even at greater distances.
Large field of view thanks to 32° lens – With the 32° standard lens, you immediately record large image sections, and provide a full overview of the temperature distribution of the measurement object.
Very high image quality due to NETD < 50 mK – Thanks to a temperature resolution of < 60 mK, even the smallest temperature differences are visible with the testo 882.
Voice recording with the practical headset – With the integrated voice recording, you can comment any infrared image directly during the application. This valuable information is stored together with the thermal image.
Built-in digital camera with power LEDs – In addition to the infrared recording, you store a parallel real image of the measurement site with the testo 882. The power LEDs guarantee you optimum illumination of dark areas when recording real images.
Special measurement mode for detecting areas with danger of mould – By entering the ambient conditions, you can visualize areas in danger of mould growth in the thermal image at a glance.
Isotherm display in instrument – The optical color alarm shows up critical temperature areas easily and directly in the thermal imager’s display.
Min/Max on Area calculation – The minimum and maximum values of an image section can be determined live directly on site and at a glance.
Lens protection glass – The germanium lens protection glass protects the optics from dirt and scratching.
Measuring range up to 1022°F optionally possible – With the high temperature option, you can extend the measuring range of the testo 881 flexibly to up to 1022 °F.

Testo 882 IR Infrared Camera / Thermal Imager Specifications:
Order no. 0560 0882
Detector Resolution
320 x 240 pixels
Very high thermal sensitivity (NETD) < 50 mK
Temperature range -4 °F to +662 °F
Image refresh rate 33 Hz*
Lens 32° x 23° X
High temperature measurement up to 1022°F (X)
Integrated digital camera X
Integrated power LEDs X
Voice recording using headset X
Motor focus X
Laser** X
Display of surface moisture (via manual input) X
Isotherm display in instrument X
Min/Max on Area calculation X
Auto Hot/Cold Spot Recognition X

(X) Optional
X Standard

The imager is delivered in a robust case incl. pro software, SD card, USB cable, power unit, and Li ion rechargeable battery.
testo 882 Thermal Imaging System with:
• Wide angle lens 32ºx23º f1.0 minimum focus 20cm
• FPA detector 320×240 pixels, -20 to +350ºC, NETD • LCD 3.5″ with image 320×240 pixels
• Manual and motor-driven focusing
• Integrated digital camera with power LEDs
• SD card 2GB for approximately 1000 images
• Pro IR software with integrated report creation, USB cable
• Headset for voice recording
• Instruction manuals & calibration documents
• USB cable, mains unit, Li-ion battery & robust case